Sweden is not as dangerous as some people want us to think. Let the facts speak for themselves instead of listening to #fakenews.

There has been 9 days since the last major incident

The last major incident* in Bagaregården, Göteborg was a shooting. One person was killed. Source

Latest incidents in Sweden
Yesterday Åstorp x 0 x 0 Source
July 12 Eskilstuna x 0 x 0 Source
July 11 Halmstad One injured x 0 x 1 Source
July 11 Partille One injured x 0 x 1 Source
July 9 Stockholm, Bagarmossen One dead x 1 x 0 Source
*Shooting, lethal stabbing or bombing

About #lastnightinsweden

In february 2017, a mere four weeks after being elected the president of the United States, Donald Trump held his infamous "Last night in Sweden" speech. He left an entire world puzzled, wondering what he was talking about. The peaceful nation of Sweden with its tolerant people was upset by this attempt to make cheap political points on behalf of their peaceful nation.

The day after the hate mongering presidents speech the swedish people gathered under the #lastnightinsweden hashtag and filled social media with the true picture of what happened in Sweden that famous night. Which was - nothing in particular.

This web site picks up the thread where the social media activity for the #lastnightinsweden hashtag left off.

We are here to tell you what happened in sweden that very night, and all the nights following. By turning our back on the so called "alternative media", only reporting from trusted sources our mission is to bring you real facts about our wonderful country. Our goal is to keep the fake news at bay by bringing only the truth.

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Help us out by sharing your story! Should you stumble upon a reliable source reporting about anything of the following, please pass it on to us*.

  • Shooting
  • Lethal stabbing
  • Bombing or explosion

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